I was first published in 1995 in a Doubleday anthology entitled "Angels of Darkness: Tales of Troubled and Troubling Women" (featured its first month in release by the Literary Guild of America). My short story "The Favorite" was a semifinalist in The Nimrod Literary Awards: The Katherine Anne Porter Prize (2009).

My work has won First Place in the "Do It Write" Literary Competition (2009) and was also a semi-finalist in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Additional writing credits include adapting and translating the hit musical from Mexico entitled "Que Planton!" from Spanish into English.

And my Omnimax film script for the Discoveries Pavilion at the1992 world's Fair (Seville, Spain) was runner-up in a worldwide competition. I have written a finished play, television spec scripts, an original pilot and several screenplays.


"Sometimes it's the black sheep of the family who's right, who intuits that a fissure lies beneath a veneer of perfection -- that's the core theme of this nuanced first-person narrative about a 28-year-old aspiring portrait artist living in Manhattan sometime before the fall of the Twin Towers. Mia Vittori has a dead-end day job archiving film footage for a news station. She is impatient and self-absorbed, and she believes her mother loves her brother more than her. One of her best friends has AIDS, and the other is having an extra-marital affair. Her father is a drunk and a gambler, but when he's diagnosed with cancer, Mia draws close, her first step in confronting tragedy and betrayal. With a sure hand, the author guides us through stages of Mia's growth and her reclamation of self-respect. In the end, we learn that Mia values truth more than peace. Sensitively written, though not sentimental, this book is compelling for its content and graceful in its execution."

This is simultaneously one of the most poignantly and beautifully moving stories I have ever had the (solemn) joy and honor of reading, and I am saying this in terms of some of the best novels I've ever read, which certainly means Dickens and Fitzgerald and Mann. The writing is exquisite, the characters powerfully drawn, and it is structurally sound…"
-Marvin Kaye Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at NYU, Director of The Open Book, Author of 16 novels, 6 nonfiction books, editor of 30 anthologies